Terms and Conditions

Possibly not the most fun page on my website, but a very necessary one so that you know what to expect when you order from me! If you think I've missed anything or would like anything explaining further, please feel free to email me at info@littlevixendesigns.co.uk, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)


By placing an order with me, you are assumed to have read, understood and agree with all of the terms and conditions laid out on this page. You will also be sent a copy of these T&Cs with your deposit invoice.



All invoices are due on receipt. Failure to complete the payment on time will delay the start of your order. If payment has not been made within 3 working days, a reminder will be sent. If a deposit payment is not made within 7 working days, then your order may be cancelled and your production slot given to someone; if a balance payment is not made within 7 working days then you will be charged a late payment fee of £1.00 per day that has elapsed since the date of the overdue invoice. 


Payment can be made in cash (in person only), credit or debit card  (in person only) cheque, bank transfer or via PayPal. Further payment details will be on your invoice. 


When placing your order, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% of the order total or £75, whichever is the larger amount. If the order totals less than £75, then the full amount will be due up front. 


Hopefully, you won't want to cancel your order, however, if you do change your mind within 14 weekdays, then in compliance with UK distance selling laws, the deposit amount will be refunded in full. If you choose to cancel your order after 14 days then the deposit will not be refunded in order to pay for materials that will have already been bought and used. 


The balance owing on an order will be due on completion of your order, along with any postage and packaging costs. If you choose to add or subtract items from your order after the deposit is paid, the adjustment in price will be made on the balance owing. 

Production Times

Production times are usually 4-6 weeks. This is reliant on timely responses from the client (i.e, replying to emails within 48 hours), no changes to design being made from what has been agreed after payment of the deposit and the text being sent over no later than 5 working days after the payment of the deposit. 


All text is to be supplied by the clients. I will be happy to advise regarding phrasing etc, however the responsibility belongs to the clients for the accuracy of the details. It is also the responsibility of the client to carefully check the digital proofs that are sent over and to advise of any necessary alterations. Once the proofs have been approved for printing, any changes that are requested by the client will incur an additional charge of 50p per item.


Please note that there may be forces beyond my control that may, very occasionally, delay production, for example if I am ill or if a particular material needed to complete your order suddenly becomes unavailable and I need to find another supplier. If any unforeseen problems occur, the client will be notified immediately, and a course of action will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis. 

Materials Used

I always use materials that provide an excellent quality of finish whilst remaining affordable. It is advised that you purchase a sample from me before pacing your order so that you can see the quality for yourself. 


Whilst every effort will be made to match the colour of the materials used to your wedding colour scheme, please be aware that this may not always be possible, particularly with ambiguous colours such as teal or coral, therefore I will try to find as close a match as possible. Likewise, there might be slight differences in colour between certain element on the same designs, for example, ink, ribbon and card. Again, I will attempt to match as closely as possible, however there may still be variations as various material will be made by different manufacturers who will all have their own individual dyes. 


You can see a selection of materials I can get here, however these are liable to change without notice if they suddenly become unavailable

Receiving Your Order

If you live close to Stapleford in Nottinghamshire, and would like to collect your order in person, then you will be very welcome to do so! We will arrange a time and place to meet (as my office is too tiny to comfortably fit more than me into, I normally meet clients in a local cafe).


If you wish to have your items posted, then postage and packaging costs will be calculated according to the size, weight and value of the order. I either use the Post Office or MyHermes, depending on what the client chooses. I also use good quality recycled packaging where possible in order to keep the p&p charges down as much as possible. 

Returns and Cancellations


Returns are only accepted on faulty items (excluding errors in the text that should have been picked up on by the client during the proofing process, unless the printed text differs from the approved proof).


If you wish to return your items, please notify me within 3 working days of receiving your items that you are doing so and state your reasons why.


A refund will be issued if the items are deemed to be not as described/faulty manufacture. If it is apparent that the items have been damaged by the client, then no refund will be issued and any replacements will be charged for at the standard rate plus 10%. Items damaged in transit due to being poorly packaged will be replaced once the damaged items are returned.


As stated above, if you do change your mind within 14 weekdays of paying your deposit, then in compliance with UK distance selling laws, the deposit amount will be refunded in full. If you choose to cancel your order after 14 days then the deposit will not be refunded in order to pay for materials that will have already been bought and used. 


If you cancel your order close to the completion date, you may be invoiced for work already completed.

Bespoke Design Service


A consultation process will be completed, which includes comprehensive discussion by email and one digital mock up. Samples will be available to purchase on request. 


The bespoke design service is free and non-obligation, however you are prohibited from taking my design and either reproducing it yourself, asking someone else to reproduce it for you or paying anyone else to make them. the design, as with all other on this website, will remain the intellectual property of Rosina Ward T/A Little Vixen Designs.

Intellectual Property

All images and text on this website are the intellectual property of Rosina Ward T/A Little Vixen Designs. Whilst I'm happy for you to share images of my work on social media providing the correct credit is given, you are not otherwise allowed to reproduce anything on this website without prior written permission being granted, either in a digital setting or by recreating the designs.