Matching Stationery

Having matching wedding stationery is an easy way to create a beautifully coordinated look for your big day. But, what are all these different things, and what are they used for? 


You're in the right place, my friend, because this page is dedicated to answering those two questions! 

Save the Date

A pre-invitation that lets your guests know when you're getting married, even if you don't quite have all the details to send them yet! 



This is particularly useful if you're tying the knot during peak holiday season, around big celebrations like Christmas or are                                                                            getting married abroad.

Wedding Invitation

All the vital details your guests need to know about attending your big day. 


You must include: Your names, the date, time and location of your wedding (and reception if different), and when and how to RSVP. All other details are optional, so just include what you think will be useful :) 


Here at Little Vixen Designs, I have 4 wedding invitation styles available in all my designs.


This is the best option for couples on a budget who have only a small amount of information to include. 


This invitation style comprises of a single fold decorated outer card, and a folded paper insert page with all the details printed on.  


Chequebook invites pack a lot of information in a tiny, neatly presented space.


With a decorated front cover and 3 internal pages as standard, this invitation style is a great combination of form and function. 


If 3 pages aren't enough for you, you can add up to 3 extra pages for an additional 45p per page per invitation. 


3 cards with all the details your guests could need are held together with a decorated band. 


The largest card measures approx. 14.5 cm x 20.5 cm, the middle card is approx. 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm and the smallest card measures 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm. 


You can spread the invitation text however you like- for my sample, I've used the largest card for the main invitation text, the middle card for additional information and gifts and the smallest as an RSVP, but it's really up to you! 


If you choose to include an RSVP, an plain white or ivory envelope will be included for this at no additional cost.

Pocket Fold

Similar to the Banded style in that the invitation information is spread across multiple loose cards, however the main text is adhered to the inside of a folded wallet that has an integral pocket for the loose cards. 


2 of these cards are included as standard, with additional card available at 75p per card per invitation. If you choose to include an RSVP, a plain white or ivory envelope for this will be included at no additional cost.

Order of Service

Order of Services are A5 booklets with all the details for your wedding ceremony. They are given out to your guests as they enter the ceremony venue, and are designed to help them follow along with the service. 


You can include as much or as little information as you like, from a basic running order to a booklet that includes all the song and reading texts (this is particularly useful if you have guests who are hard of hearing). You could even have bilingual Order or Services produced if you will be having guests who's first language isn't English.


4 double sided pages are included as standard, with additional pages available at 45p per page per booklet.



Order of the Day

A running order of all the things that will be happening throughout your wedding day. You may like to use this style as a basic Order of Service if you don't want or need a full booklet. 


The standard size for these is approx. 21 cm x 9.9 cm with one side of text. A second side of plain, undecorated text is available for an additional 45p per card, and other sizes available POA.

Table Plan

Also called a Seating Chart, this is basically a way of directing your guests to their designated seats. 


This is an essential item if you're having a set seating plan (which your caterers may insist on to make getting the right food to the right people easier!), but if you're having an informal meal it's not really necessary. 


All my table plans are priced as though they were A1 in size with 9 tables plus a top table, however if you require anything different please let me know and I'll be happy to give you a quote.

Table Numbers

These are signs to put on the tables to help your guests find their seat at the meal. 


Of course, if you're having tables names after places you've been, your favourite colours or anything else you may choose, you just replace the number with the name

Place Cards

Place Cards are ideal for helping your guests find their designated seats. Typically a folded piece of card with a name on, but also can be flat or on a tag. 


The folded versions are usually 3.5cm x 7 cm when folded. however this may change slightly depending on the design. 


You may be wondering why you'd bother having menus for your guests, and strictly speaking, they're not essential. 


However, if you asked your guests to choose their meal several weeks ago, they may like to be reminded of what they will be eating- or, if you didn't allow menu options, a menu lets them know what to look forward to :) 


My menu cards are 9.9 x 21 cm and single sided as standard, however if you require a different size, please contact me with your requirements for a personalised quote.

Thank You cards

Last but not least. thank your guests for joining your wedding celebrations with thank you cards customised to coordinate with the rest of you wedding stationery :)