Frequently Asked Questions

When should I send out my invitations?


Usually 3-6 months before your wedding; however, if you're getting married abroad or around Christmas/New Year/Bank Holiday/school summer holidays, you might want to send your invites out earlier (at least 6 months) or send Save the Date cards. This will mean your guests are less likely to have plans already (or they have time to rearrange any plans they do have is they wish) and they have time to make travel and accommodation arrangements. 

How long will it take to complete my order?
Normally 4-6 weeks. This allows me plenty of time to source materials, finalise details for the design and wording and, of course, make everything to the highest possible standard.
If you want to book your invitations a few months in advance, just let me know when you'll need them and rough details (design and an estimate of the quantity required) and I will pencil you in a booking slot.
A deposit of £75 or 50% of the order total (whichever is the greater amount) will be required to secure your production slot.


You can help speed your order along by having your wording prepared when booking. 

I've left it a bit late and need my invitations sooner than 4 weeks! Can you still help?


Maybe, but please be aware that I will have other orders in the book and last minute orders will only be accepted if I have time on the schedule. 
It is also essential that you have your wording prepared when placing the order. 
Also, whilst I will do my best to source materials such as card and ribbon in your colours, please be aware that it may not be possible find an exact colour match in the time available. This is particularly the case for colours with a lot of variations, like teal (which can be dark greeny-blue to almost turquoise)and coral (anything from soft peach to a bright red-orange).

I like this design, does in come in another colour?


Yes! It's just you'd be scrolling through photos forever if I made all the designs in all the colour combinations possible, and nobody planning a wedding has time for that.
Sooooo... you'll have o use your imagination a bit. Or, nip back over to my Handmade Designs page, where you can order a sample in your wedding colours.

How should I phrase my invitations?
Nowadays, there isn't really a set pattern and it can be as formal or informal as you like.
It used to be that the invitations were always sent by the bride's parents (because they were paying for the wedding!), however unless you're adhering strictly to the old wedding etiquette, now the invitations can be from yourselves, your parents, your children, or a combination. Or, make it a statement, e.g, 'Tom and Jane are getting married!"
However you decide to phrase your invitations, you should make sure to include:
  • your names
  • your wedding date
  • the venue
  • the reception location (if different)
  • the time of the ceremony
  • RSVP date
and everything else is optional.
Some additional things you may like to include are: 
  • gift lists
  • directions
  • accommodation details
  • menu choices
  • whether children are invited or not
  • dress code
  • or anything else you think your guests will benefit from knowing!
A typical invitation might read: 
Together with their parents, 
Anna Sample
and Joseph Bloggs
invite you to their marriage
which is to be held at 
All Saint's Church, Breaston, Derbyshire
at 1.30pm on 14th September, 2015
with reception to follow at 
The Risley Hall Hotel, Risley, Derbyshire
Kindly RSVP by 7th July 2017


I hope that helps! If you would like any further guidance with your invitation wording, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help :)

I already have some of my stationery, can you do items to match?


Possibly, although it really depends on what you have in mind. Please send me some details and I will see what I can do to help.

How will I receive my order?


There are several different delivery options available- you are very welcome to collect from me at my favourite local cafe, Two for Tea in Stapleford (NG9 4AD), or you can have your order posted to you. If you choose the latter option, the postage costs will be added to your final payment amount and will vary depending on factors such as the weight and value of the package.

I can't see my question listed! Please help...
Panic not! I'm only at the end of an email, and am more than happy to help. Please use my contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)