Getting Your Guests to RSVP

If you haven't already discovered this, you will soon find out that getting your guests to RSVP can sometimes be… a little difficult. Even if you get most of your RSVPs back fairly swiftly, there will still be someone who 'doesn't know' of they'll be able to make it. Argh! Not what you need when planning a wedding (which is stressful enough as it is, without having to check with dozens of people whether they'll actually be joining you to celebrate)



Here are some of my top tips for getting your guests to reply.

They're not 100% guaranteed, but some ideas for getting more of your RSVPs back when you need them are:


  • Include an RSVP card. If you can make it easy for them to reply, you have a better chance of them actually doing it!
  • You may want to go even further, and include an envelope with your address on with the invitation (you may even want to put the postage stamps on for them if you are really anxious for replies!)
  • Set a deadline. Preferably, choose a date a couple of weeks before you actually need your final numbers, so you can round up the slow repliers without messing up your wedding planning schedule
  • Provide multiple ways to RSVP. Some people will be more likely to call, text or email you their response than sending back a physical RSVP, so make this a viable option and include the details
  • Create a way of tracking your RSVPs before you send your invitations. This way, you will be able to tell at a glance who you need to follow up with. Whether you choose to do this in a spreadsheet, notebook or whiteboard, it doesn't really matter; having a way to see who will and won't be attending is vital, plus, as I say, it will quickly show you the parties guilty of not RSVP'ing already!
  • Once your deadline has passed, don't be shy about contacting the latecomers. A quick email, call or text to say 'hey, I notice you haven't RSVP'd yet, can you let me know ASAP whether you'll be attending please, as I need to get my final guest list to the venue/caterers/etc. by [date]' should do the trick… and if it doesn't, give them a few days then contact them again until you get a firm reply. You set that deadline for a reason (after all, you yourself have deadlines with suppliers to make sure that everything happens as it should), and you need to make sure that the late replies come in as soon after that date as possible


As I say, none of these are certain to get all you guests to reply on time, but if you follow these tips you should have fewer people to chase! Of course, just because they say they are (or aren't) coming now, doesn't mean that this won't change a week before the wedding… but that's a different issue


Most of my invitation styles come with an RSVP card/page as standard, so if you want to include one in your invitations, go and check them out :)


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