Coming Soon: 'The Den'

Whist I appreciate the support of all the people who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and if you're one of them, thank you for letting me send you short, regular updates in this way), I especially appreciate the people who subscribe to my newsletters.




Well, as easy as it is to sign up for interesting things by email- something I do myself a little too frequently- it does create rather a lot of digital clutter. And sometimes, it's just a little bit too much effort to actually open those emails and read them all, isn't it? Even if you love reading, just the quantity of emails arriving every day can be overwhelming, can't it? Social media posts are generally short and read in a flash, but newsletters are a bit lengthier, and I know it takes a little more commitment to open and read an email of unknown length


Which is why, when I discovered I can create password protected pages on my website, I decided that I should use this to put exclusive content and offers for my loyal newsletter readers, to thank them for trusting me with their email addresses in the first place, and for actually reading what I send them! 


It's all still in the works, but I'll be sending out the password at the start of August so keep a look out for it! 


If you're not on my newsletter lists yet, make sure you sign up below :)


Speak soon! 

Love, Rosie x

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