Ordering a Bespoke or Custom Design

Sometimes, you have a really unique idea, or just want your own thing. Either way, ordering bespoke wedding stationery is a fantastic option


Note: . Whilst I'd love you to work with me, I know that you're probably going to be looking at lots of other options too, so I'll be keeping this post nice and general. Of course, every business has their own way of doing things, so there might be some variations, but this is my quick guide to getting started with a bespoke design :)


There are a few things you need to remember

  • Your stationer isn't psychic (probably. I'm certainly not, but I guess I can't really speak for everyone). They cannot create your ideal stationery out of thin air. You need to offer at least some guidance. Some things you might want to include are:
    • Themes you will be including
    • Styles you like (even if it's not part of your wedding plans- it can be very helpful to know whether you prefer a simple, uncluttered design over something with lots of different decorative elements, for example)
    • Colours
    • How much information you want to include
    • When/where you are getting married
    • Any inspiration pictures. Please don't ask for/expect a carbon copy of a pre-existing design (copying designs is bad practice. Besides, each designer will want to put their own spin on it, and presumably you like something about whichever designer you've gone to for a bespoke design, otherwise you'd have gone to the original designer. So let us do our thing :) ), but a picture is worth a thousand words. It doesn't even need to be of stationery, if you see anything that you think would be perfect for your big day, send a photo!
  • Check out the designs they already have available, and see if what they currently have on offer is currently affordable for you; if not, you will either need to find a different stationer, or increase your budget for stationery. If you're on a shoestring, providing a rough guide to budget can be very helpful, but remember to be realistic (wedding stationers need to put food on the table and pay bills too, you know), and if you're on a tight budget, be prepared to make compromises or be told that your budget and expectations are entirely incompatible. If you don't want to reveal your budget upfront, that's fine, but do ask for a quote on your ideas and if it's more than you expect/hoped, then ask what can be done to bring the price down a bit, and be prepared to make some sacrifices within the design. It's likely that more affordable alternatives will be possible, but it may mean changing a few things around, or even removing some design elements entirely. The earlier you can say that budget is a consideration for you,  the quicker you will be able to reach a final design (and the happier your designer will be, as they won't have wasted a load of time creating a beautiful layout for everything to have to be changed almost instantly)
  • You should probably expect to pay a bit more than the 'off the peg' designs your stationer has. This is for the extra design work that will need to be done
  • If it's not quite right, say something. I cannot stress this enough, I am not a mind reader, and will not know that you don't like the font/would prefer a different shade of that colour/don't like sparkly things/whatever, unless you actually tell me. Don't just go off grid if you don't like the first design offered, because if you do that, I can't help!
  • In case you've not guessed this already, you will need to talk to your designer quite a lot. Bespoke designs require a fair amount of input from both parties to perfect, especially if you're not 100% clear on what it is you actually want (the clearer you can make your initial specification, the easier it will be for both of us and the quicker the design can be finalised. Don't get me wrong, being a bit vague is fine… just expect it to take some adjustments to get absolutely right)
  • Allow more time than usual for your order to be completed. I'd recommend at least an extra 2-4 weeks to my clients (although each designer will be different), but as I've mentioned before, there is likely to be a lot of conversation and alterations to the initial design, which, of course, takes more time. As I say, if you have a pretty clear idea of what it is you're looking for, then it will take less time than if you are a bit more fuzzy on the details, and if you are fast at replying to your messages too, then that will help keep the process moving along at a decent pace


Having a bespoke design created for you can be fun, exciting, and help you take your ideas from a concept into a fabulous design. 

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