Ordering Process

Placing an order for your wedding stationery is a huge step. Not only is it one of the first things your guests are actually going to see (which makes it super real!), but you are trusting someone to make something important for your big day, and handing over a fair amount of money whilst doing so!


So, you'd probably like to know what happens once your order is placed, right?


Well, I can only really give you an insight into my own process (each stationer will have their own way of doing things), but here is a quick summary of what you can expect when you place an order for your wedding stationery with me, along with a rough timescale*



*Timescale is dependent on a few things, for example, the client replying to their messages nice and quickly (i.e, within 48 hours) and the availability of materials- if something has been discontinued by a manufacturer, for example, it may take longer to find a stockist or a suitable alternative. However, any delays from my side of things will be communicated as soon as possible, and if you know you won't be able to reply to messages for a few days because of holidays etc, then I can alter the timescale to suit



Before order is confirmed (4-6 weeks before delivery)

  • Initial contact by customer
  • Design details and quantity required confirmed
  • Quote sent with a payment breakdown (50% deposit on booking with the remaining balance plus any p&p due on completion. If the quantity is added to or subtracted from the original order, the difference will be altered on the final balance)
  • Confirm payment details (e.g, PayPal email address)
  • Deposit invoice sent

When order is confirmed (on payment of deposit. Delivery date 4-6 weeks from deposit payment)

  • Text received from client
  • Proof created and sent to client
  • Proof checked/alterations requested/alterations made/new proof sent (repeat until perfect)
  • Proof approved
  • Materials ordered (2-3 weeks before delivery)
  • Production begins (1-2 weeks before delivery)
  • Production complete and clients notified (3-5 days before delivery date)
  • Delivery or collection arranged
  • Final invoice sent. Please note that the order will not be posted until final payment inc. p&p has been made in full; therefore late payment of the final invoice will affect the time of postage. If collecting, payment must be made at the time of collection or prior to the meeting
  • Delivery or collection made
  • If there's any problems, contact me ASAP and we will find a way to resolve the issue; otherwise, enjoy your order, and remember to order any additional items and leave feedback on my website or Facebook page :)


This is a general guideline of my ordering process; there are two notable variations to this-


  • if you'd like to pay your deposit as soon as possible so you can secure your production slot, even though you don't need the items for months, that's absolutely fine. If you don't have the exact quantities yet, or the design might change, but know when you need to have your stationery, you can book by paying a deposit of £75 (if 50% of the order total is higher than this, an additional payment may be required when you confirm your quantities; however, if 50% of the order total is below or around £75, then no additional deposit payment will be required, just the balance plus p&p on completion). As of 1st July 2016, any deposit for an order totalling £150+ that is paid 6 months or more before the items required will get 10% off their order total. T&Cs will apply, more details to follow
  • if you need your items before the 4-6 week deadline, please let me know and if I've got a space, I will be happy to help (although you will need to have all your text finalised before the deposit is paid, and allow me a degree of flexibility when it comes to colours- certain colours can take a while to source if they're a bit more unusual, for example, a specific shade of teal or coral. I will still do my best to stick to your wedding colours, but please appreciate that it may not be exactly, exactly the same shade)


I hope that helps! If you have any questions about ordering, or anything else to do with wedding stationery, please drop me a line any time at info@littlevixendesigns.co.uk and I'll be happy to help :)


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