Materials: Other

In addition to card and ribbon, there are a few other  types of materials that may get used on your wedding stationery, that your opinion may be asked on or you may just find useful to know about if they get mentioned in conversation





Little plastic hemispheres that have a pearl finish applied to them, with adhesive on the flat back of the pearl. Available in all sorts of colours and sizes, and a few different shapes (although usually round). May also be available in non self-adhesive format



Similar to pearls in that they have adhesive on the back for easy use, but are faceted domes of clear plastic that are usually over a foil to make them shiny. Available in a variety of colours, usually with the clear plastic coloured however occasionally the foil is coloured instead or a colour is added to the surface of the gem. An A/B (which stands for Aurora Borealis) finish is sometimes applied, which gives a sheer pretty shimmer that changes colour as you move it



Can be from a number of birds. Big, fluffy feathers are probably from an ostrich (as are long fluffy feathers, but these are probably too big for wedding invitations), and can by dyed in all sorts of colours. Peacock feathers are more sleek, with a distinctive tapered shape with a rounded top containing a coloured 'eye', and are beautiful shades of iridescent greens, blues and purples, unless you can obtain the more unusual albino peacock feather, which is the same shape only pure white. You may also get brown speckled pheasant feathers, or other naturally coloured plumes. Goose feathers are larger, 'feather' shaped with a touch quill, and tend to be quite long. Goose feathers are available dyed in a variety of colours, but are probably more suited to children's art projects than luxury stationery items


Fairly sturdy, however the fluffy ones especially may get a bit crushed during postage, and are a little prone to shedding the little barbs all over the place


Paper flowers

Exactly, what they sound like, these are small, 3d flowers made of paper, often with a covered wire stem. Very pretty, but prone to crushing when posted


Dried Flowers/Leaves

Some flowers are 'pressed' (flattened under a heavy weight or in a special press and left to dry), where others are just allowed to dry naturally. The drying process usually leaves these flowers quite delicate, and they should be handled carefully


Dried flowers that haven't been pressed are probably not a great idea for posted wedding invitations, as they often end up damaged to the point of complete disintegration. To be honest, pressed flowers are quite delicate too, and may not survive being posted either. Stick with paper for posting, and save your real flowers for 'on the day' stationery.


Seashells and Starfish

Popular for seaside weddings, however unlikely to make it through the post in one piece as these are quite easily crushed, especially the dried starfish

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