Top 10 Tips for DIYing Your Wedding

Following on from last week’s post discussing all the things you really should consider before DIYing your wedding, I thought I’d share some of my Top Tips for making the process easier for those of you who have decided to get the glue gun and glitter out :)


Below the image, I’ve gone into a little more detail on some of the points (I just thought the image would be easier to save for later/share. Let me know whether you like the image, prefer just text, or prefer just image )



  1. Do your Research Make sure you know what you have to do. I don’t mean just read it once, decide it’s easy and jump in head first. Really know what it is you have to do; read it several times, imagine doing the steps, if there’s anything you don’t understand, look it up now and made notes.
  2. Shop around Not just for the cheapest price, but for the best materials. It took me ages to build up a decent list of reliable, quality suppliers, so don’t assume that the first place you think of is necessarily the best
  3. Buy samples of the materials Especially important if you’re buying anything over the internet- I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve bought something because it’s the perfect colour on the screen, only for it to be entirely different when it arrives! This is also important to check the quality of the materials
  4. Do a test run So you know how to do it, but the practice can be very different from the theory! As I said last week, the people writing the tutorials probably do that sort of thing day in day out, so of course it looks easy. That doesn’t mean it is easy, it just means you don’t get to see their mistakes. Also, if you’ve followed tip 3 and bought samples, doing a test piece will enable you to test the material’s suitability
  5. Similarly, Know your tools. Especially if you’ve never used that particular piece of equipment before, practice with it a few times to make sure you know a) how it works, b)how long it takes to set up (e.g, how long your glue gun takes to heat up) and c) if there are any short cuts that may help you out- for example, the guillotine I  now use for cutting paper has measurements printed on the base. This speeds up my production processes no end from when I was marking everything out with a pencil and ruler because my first guillotine didn’t have these markings!
  6. Expect to make mistakes You’re only human, after all! For goodness sake, buy spare materials; there is nothing worse than having exactly the amount you need, making one mistake and having to wait for more materials to arrive!
  7. One step at a time Also known as Batch Production, this will speed up your making no end. Essentially, instead of making one item to completion before moving onto the next, make all of the component pieces and assemble them. For example, if I was making wedding invitation shown below 50 times, I’ll stamp ‘Wedding Invitation’ on each of the 50 cards, then I’ll cut out 50 navy hearts, then 50 red hearts, 50 strips of book print paper, 50 pieces of red card and 50 pieces of navy card. I’d then stick all the pieces book paper onto the red, then all the red onto the navy, then add the hearts. Then I’d print off 50 inserts, fold them all, cut them to size and then stick them into the cards. Not switching tasks too often will help speed up production!LN2
  8. Take your Time Hopefully, because you read last week’s post, you’ve left yourself more than adequate time to complete everything. Which is absolutely vital- rushing will make you stressed, if you’re stressed you’ll make mistakes, if you’re correcting mistakes it’ll take even longer, you’ll rush more, get more stressed, make more mistakes… it’s a vicious circle. Don’t do it. Go back to tip 7, dedicate a block of time to each task (overestimate the time. In fact, I’d say take how long you currently think it’ll take, and double it) and don’t do any more than you’ve planned. You got it done in less time than you thought? Great! Take a break, pick up again when your next planned. Resist the temptation to do more then you planned; slow and steady wins the race, after all!
  9. Conversely, if it’s taking longer than you anticipated, enlist some help. Get your other half, bridesmaids, mum, whoever, set each of them to a task and you’ll cut your production time drastically, and hopefully have some fun (but don’t drink and craft- sharp edges and alcohol don’t mix, not to mention potential spillages and lack of precision that may result. Also ban animals and small children from the creative zone)
  10. Last but not least, Have Fun! Put on a film or some music, get some friends round, and just enjoy the process of making some pretty things for you wedding :)

It you follow all these tips, you should have a much easier time when making things for your wedding :) I’ve tried to keep the tips pretty universal- obviously, for whatever you’re making there will be specific hints and tips to make your life a little bit easier, so keep looking for them, and please do put any useful links you find in the comments :) :)

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