Visiting a Wedding Fayre

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that I love wedding fayres- for me, they’re a great way of meeting lot of lovely couples, talking about their wedding stationery, and making some sales!


However, why should you love wedding fayres too?


I’ve written about all this sort of things before, so if you want more details, you can take a look at this post for why wedding fayres are worth your timethis one for some details on what you can expect to find at a fayrethis one for what to do whilst you’re at the wedding fayre, and this one for some tips on what to do with all the information you’ll have picked up

But, just in case you don’t fancy reading all that lot, let me summarize:

Why you should visit a wedding fayre

In the days where everything is online and everyone has a website, why should you bother going out to look for suppliers at a wedding fayre?

The answer is that, essentially, pictures only tell half the story (how often have you bought something online, only to receive it to find the quality isn’t there, or that the colour isn’t as it looked on he website? I know I certainly have done that!), and it’s much easier to communicate what you’re looking for face to face. I know from my experiences with clients using my wedding stationery business that often a 5 of 10 minute conversation where you can see examples of designs and materials can do the job of a dozen emails. Also, you’re likely to be meeting local suppliers, which can make things a bit easier especially if you want to have follow up meetings or collect your order when it’s completed

As I say, there’s nothing wrong with sourcing everything for your wedding online, but if you can get to a wedding fayre or two, you might find something fantastic that is perfect for you, that you wouldn’t have spotted in the noise of the internet

What to expect at a wedding fayre

There should be a sign outside the venue, a sign in desk, possibly a free goodie bag, and loads of talented people who can’t wait to help you plan your perfect wedding day!Some of the suppliers may even have special offers running, exclusive for wedding fayre attendees (yet another excellent reason to venture out!)

What to do at a wedding fayre (plus what to do with all the information you collect)

This one really depends on at what stage of the wedding planning process you’re at, but everyone should be aiming to collect the contact details of suppliers and have conversations with them to discuss your requirements and what they can do to help you.

Then, after the event, take a bit of time to sort through all the business cards and leaflets, recycle the ones that won’t work for you (or pass the details onto a friend who might like them), take another look at the ones you can’t remember very well, then with all the ones that you do like, note where and when you met them, what specifically you liked about them, and then KEEP IT SAFE! Put it in your wedding planner/notes- it’s also a good idea to sort them into categories, so that when you’re looking to book a particular service you don’t have to hunt around for the right details). When you come to contact the supplier later, you’ll be able to tell them where and when you met, and the kinds of things you’re interested in. Trust me, this will speed up the process no end

That’s the general guidelines, but everyone will be at different stages of the wedding planning process, and the 3 main stages have very different goals for their visit to a wedding fayre

If you’re newly engaged and have next to nothing booked (or nothing at all!), use the fayre to see what’s out there, get some ideas and get the details of suppliers you like the look of- just remember to keep them safe, and write down what you liked about them! Also, keep an open mind at this stage- you never know what might inspire you!

If you’re in the middle of planning with a few things booked, but still missing some of the major things, go to a few fayres with specific targets and focus on meeting those suppliers first. You should absolutely have a look around the whole fayre whilst you’re there, and talk to as many suppliers as you can, but do that after you’ve hit your main targets

If you’re very nearly done with your wedding planning and are just looking for the finishing touches or some added extras, again, focus on those to begin with. The nice things about this stage is that you can have a look around the whole fayre, without looking for things for your wedding- which sounds a bit odd, but it’s a great opportunity to see everything on offer, without trying to picture it in your wedding, which can sometime blinker you and you miss looking at some lovely things, just because they’re not for you (also, you won’t be tempted to buy something you’ve already got!)

I’ve created a handy summary that you can print out and have a look at before you go to fayre, which might be a little easier than trying to remember where you read this!

Getting the most out of visiting a wedding fayre

Also, I’m doing a number of fayres in the next few months, so if you’d like to come along to one or more of them, that would be brilliant! If you can’t make these dates, I’ll be doing some more fayres later on in 2016 so look out for those :)

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Have a great week!

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